Fenix Commissions

The standard Feenix commission is 10% however Feenix is currently running a promotional rate of 0%.

Feenix may take commissions back to 10% after the promotional period after which the following will apply.

Drivers will always be able to receive card and mobile money requests with no restriction. Our commissions will be deducted and the balance credited to you. 

To receive cash requests drivers will need a minimum wallet amount of 10GHS. When you complete a cash trip, our commission will be deducted from your wallet and you will keep all the cash received from the customer.

If wallet balance drops below 10GHS, you will still be able to work but will only receive card/mobile money requests.  You may top up your wallet again using the wallet menu in-app  or wait for your wallet to reach 10GHS to receive cash requests again


Amounts due will be credited to your in-app wallet. All amounts credited will be available for withdrawal to your bank or mobile money account within 24hrs. To withdraw your funds, go to your app menu, select wallet and click the withdraw option.

Commission discounts

These are periods where our standard commission may be discounted to offer more value to drivers. Please note: in scenarios where commissions are set to 0%, you will not need to load your wallet to receive cash requests

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